There is also a group of drinking water! Songkhla meets goodies cluster Break for the semester. Wait for 28 June. Points to the future – fresh news

Songkhla COVID-19 still rising 70 new infections found from factory cluster kratom drinking group and bus drivers, the cumulative total has surpassed 2,190, 12 deaths, while schools are not open Fearing that a new cluster is difficult to control, 28 June, evaluate again Follow the news, press follow, live news Date 11 Jun 2021 Mr.…There... Continue Reading →

Major General “Al-Qarni” conveys the condolences of the Minister of Interior to the families of the martyr Al-Qahtani

He prayed for him at the anti-drug headquarters in Wadi Al-Dawasir Photography: Muhammad Al Mishal The Director General of Narcotics Control, Major General Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Qarni, conveyed the condolences of the Minister of Interior, His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef, the Minister of Interior, to the family and relatives of the…Major... Continue Reading →

Beauty queens who ended up in prison

Beauty queens who ended up in prison Beauty pageants have given several women the opportunity to have a career in show business, but others have ended up in jail. Microsoft and partners can be compensated if you buy something using the recommended links on this page. Here we tell you who are the beauty queens…Beauty... Continue Reading →

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