Foot – Italy – Serie A: hooked by Fiorentina, Inter Milan offers Juventus the possibility of being titled — Archyde

Italy Held in check at home this Wednesday by Fiorentina (0-0) on Matchday 35 of Serie A, Inter could see Juventus titled as of Thursday if they win on Udinese’s lawn. Saved in the last minutes against Roma (2-2) by a penalty from Lukaka (87th) on Sunday, Inter was less successful this Wednesday evening during… via... Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight — — a Blog on Healthy Life Style, Markets, News India, Sports, Wildlife-Nature, Entertainment, Photography, Food

SLEEP: If after your third cup of coffee of the day you are already too sleepy, here is something for you! Lack of sleep today appears unavoidable. This is safer, though, than to take the issue literally. 1. Try meditation So long as you have ever managed to sleep under pain, you realize that relaxing... Continue Reading →

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